S3D League v0.5

Posted by Hella Hell on April 25, 2016 at 8:50 AM

Hello guys and girls, HellaHell here. It has been a while since the last S3D League update so lets not waste any time and just get to it. From the last updates, you may have noticed that S3D League has been more of an exploration game rather than action game. However, all of this is going to change by starting from now. Yes, there are now enemies added to the game... or sort of. Well, they can't do anything to you yet... but you can to them. The aiming animation is still work in progress so the character may not always rotate towards the crosshair. You will find bunch of these enemies at the entrance of every map. Keep in mind this won't be their final placement and they won't respawn due to being still in development. At the moment they are just training dummies for practicing on them. There will be more variety of enemies in the future. My goal is to make S3D League to be sort of an expansion of the Scenario mode. And speaking of Scenario mode, you may have noticed that the only selectable map on the title screen is now Connest. This is because all of the other maps will be selectable within the Connest map which will serve as a hub between all maps. To visit a specific map, you will have to walk inside the portal for that map. There are currently only 3 portals for City Square, Neden-1 and Connest 2 maps. You can see the locations of the portals in this video... There is music and some sound effects added to the game now as well as many tweaks on the characters movement and animations. I really hope you would like this update. Stay tuned for more. Bye.

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