S3D League v0.6

Posted by Hella Hell on August 14, 2016 at 9:40 AM

Hi, HellaHell here. I am happy to introduce you the next update of S3D League. There have been many changes in this new version even though not all of them may be noticeable. For now, lets start with the main features. In the last version, I added dummies that would serve as enemies later on. My main concern was about how to add enemies all over the maps without having all of my time wasted placing them one by one. The solution is, I made the game to do that for me. All of the enemies now will be spawning around your character. No matter where you go on any of the maps, there will be always enemies popping around you to keep you occupied. New enemies will spawn on a timer wile the previous ones will self destruct after some time has passed. This system however isn't perfect though. There may be enemies spawning partially inside walls due to the geometry of the map. The enemies now have a different pose but they still won't be able to harm you yet. The next major change is that the Neden-3 map has been added to the game. To be able to play it, you will have to walk into the warp gate that leads to it. You can see the path to it in this video. I have finally found a way to extract some maps on my own so you can expect more in the next updates. Speaking of which, I have re-imported Neden-1 map all over again with less of the missing objects this time. You can check it out. As I mentioned before, there have been numerous of other changes such as adding visual and sound effects, adding the original sky boxes, allowing the player to shoot though nets and the invisible walls, changes in the main menu etc. I really hope that you will enjoy this new update and keep in mind that more maps are going to come. This is everything for now. Bye.

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