S3D League v0.9

Posted by Hella Hell on July 15, 2017 at 9:50 AM

Hi, everyone. Version 0.9 is now ready to play and download on all platforms.

This update includes the following:

-City Park: a new custom made map made by me from the parts of already existing maps. This map is very large compared to most other maps. It is designed more around exploring and fighting bots than anything else and is my first attempt of making a custom map. You will find the warp gate to the map right in front of you in the Connest map. Note that this map is not available on the web versions of the game due to its larger size.

-Two new features for the character allows the change of the camera position to left or right and also to zoom in and out as well as giving the illusion of first person view too.

-The enemies now got some variety of costume and weapon colors (some of them being custom colors edited by me), more variety of death screams and slightly improved hit animation as well. This is a preparation for adding more type of enemies later on in the game.

-The opponents are now more challenging. Their damage has been reduced from 10 to 8 but the speed of their projectiles has been increased so you will have less time to react on incoming fire. The health packs drop rates from killing enemies has been reduced as well so you will have to really fight your way through if you want to survive.


I really hope you will like this new update and if you really do, share it with your friends and spread the word. This project is driven by the interests of you guys. When more people are interested, I have higher motivation to keep working on it. See you soon.

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